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Traditionally geometric patterns were used as symbols and for the handing down of occult knowledge. Lincoln mainly concentrated on the pentagram, the 5-pointed star, which he found in Poussin’s painting as well as in the small document. In the landscape surrounding Rennes-le-Château Lincoln also came across geometric patterns, for the greater part formed by churches and castles. Not only did he find a pentagram, he also found more complex figures.

Dalle de Coume Sourde.

A reference to the geometry is also mentioned in the booklet "Le Trésor Maudit": the "Dalle de Coume Sourde". It is an inscription, consisting of a geometric pattern with a Latin text. Its freely rendered translation reads: "The line in the middle where the small line intersects the M". This "Dalle" was to play a key role in my later search..


Pentangle and Star of David

Dalle de Coume Sourde

The most beautiful geometric pattern that was discovered (more than 700 years later after its composition! ) is the triangle, of which the angles consist of the castles of Blanchefort and Arques, and the church of Peyrolles. With this I end this series of discoveries made by others for this last pattern was unintentionally the starting point of my own research.


The triangle PBA (Peyrolles-Blanchefort-Arques)
is the startingpoint of Part 4:
Own research