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If the Blanchfort-geometry was concealed in the paintings, why would the same not be true for the documents Saunière found? I decided to find out first how the two documents "matched". After all it was said that originally they had been written on a single piece of vellum, with one text on the front and the other on the back. After I had found the link I knew how the meridian ran and then I could construct the pattern on the small document using the crosses and the triangle at the top.

As I knew how the documents had to be matched I could, with the help of transparences, see how the pattern had been incorporated into the large document. Again I was amazed, as I had been at the time with my mirror: in the document, where Arques was, there was the letter "a" and where "Peyrolles" was, there was the letter "p".



Detail with letter a

Detail with letter p

You will understand that the above discovery was the umpteenth proof of the accuracy of my theory. There indeed was a place which had been kept secret for centuries by certain "initiates". It seemed pretty unlikely that everything I had found was just pure chance. Who could be behind all this?