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The church at Peyrolles was built in such a way that it points towards Arques. The church at Serres was built parallel to this church. In its turn the church at Arques points in the direction of Serres. It is only with the church at Cassaignes that I found nothing special. I started to study the position of the churches on the map more closely.

I discovered that the distance Cassaignes-Peyrolles and the distance Cassaignes-Serres is the same. To put it more strongly: the perpendicular line from the central point on the line Peyrolles-Serres leads to the church at Cassaignes.

During my search I extended this line as far as the line Peyrolles-Arques. To my surprise this distance proved to be twice the distance Peyrolles-Serres. Was this a complete "Cross of Churches"?

On the vertical axis of the cross I drew a circle starting from its centre. On this circle Blanchefort was situated. This again was food for thought.

From the top of the vertical axis of the cross I drew a line through Peyrolles and one through Serres.

Then the Secret of this "Churches-pattern" revealed itself to me: the line through the two intersections with the circle, leads directly to the "Secret Place"!!

This was yet another confirmation of my "Point X". It all started to get exciting.


Coats of arms.

  I continued "experimenting" and a pattern arose before my eyes that I had already seen before. From my holiday album I took the brochure of Château d’Arques and what did I see?:


I had composed a pattern that had been the coat of arms of the De Voisins family since 1350.

Besides, with the same "Churches-pattern" the pattern that had been the coat of arms of the village of Arques since 1696 could be inserted.

Even more.

Not only do these coats of arms prove that the Churches-pattern does exist, I found still more instances of its use. I found a picture of it as an example of an 18th-century Talisman which could generate unprecedented powers in its bearer.

NB: The horizontal line doesn't end on the circle, just like the coat of arms of the De Voisins family...

And in the book by Alain Feral, which was mentioned earlier, pictures can be found which lead back to the Churches-pattern. Through his illustrations Feral shows that he was well-informed. His books belong to the category which includes "Le Trésor Maudit".

So the way in which the the Secret was handed down varied: in our time through drawings in books, centuries ago through painting, and originally through architecture.