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Part 6: The Secret.

The salvation of mankind
Is acquired through the suffering of Jesus
And the shedding of his blood

Pope John XXIII (1960)


I am certain that the discoveries of my quest are "real" and not fabrications of my mind or other people’s imagination. However, how much I would like to, I still haven’t been able to ascertain what the Secret actually is. What I am able to do is offer a solution to what the "treasure" might be.


In spite of all the possible treasures, mentioned in part 2, one thing seemed clear to me: it cannot be a material treasure. After all, any ordinary treasure would never have been worth all the pains, which this Secret has incurred for almost 900 years. So it must be a secret with a spiritual value, important for all people. A treasure in which religion is an important aspect. But what aspect? I went in pursuit of the answer.

Jesus was a Jew who fought the Roman rule of his country. He was the leader of the Nazarenes. After the crucifixion, his brother James took over the leadership of the resistance. It was Paul, a former Roman commander-in-chief, who started the worship of Jesus as God. This resulted in a breach with the Jewish community of James. Paul spread the belief in his own way and mixed the original teachings with those of other cultures. This new doctrine of his rapidly grew in popularity. In Rome however this led to terrible persecutions. These stopped only when the emperor Constantine converted to the new faith in 312. The doctrine of the catholic church was laid down and Jesus was declared God by vote. For the Jews however Jesus was not (the Son of) God.

The angels (with BS) and John the Baptist (with A and Ω) in the church of Rennes-le-Château.
On the right the copy of the painting of Van Dijck in the church of Rennes-les-Bains.