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From 1637 till 1654 Johan Valentin Andreae was Grandmaster of the Priory of Sion, the guardian of the Secret. Andreae stood at the foundation of the Rosicrucian Movement which had originated, according to some people, from the Grail Movement (Cathars) and the Templars. The Rosicrucians are often mentioned in the Story. Grandmaster Pierre Plantard, had already mentioned the "Rose Line" passing through the Secret Place. The Rosicrucians too frequently use geometric patterns, as the composers of the Blanchefort-geometry did. Is there a possible connection?

Grail Movement, Holland

Secret patterns

Saunière too, together with his colleagues Henri Boudet and Antoine Gélis, had connections with the Rosicrucians. I found proof of this in a book dating from 1625. It is the coat of arms of a German Rosicrucian, Henricus Madathanus Theosophus. The same letters are used by Saunière in his church in the same way. "BS" could be "Bérenger Saunière", but according to Madathanus it means "Beneficentia Sapientia".


Madathanus, detail

BS, in earlier days

BS, today


The (former) grave of Saunière in RLC

Axat, grave Boudet

Coustaussa, grave Gélis